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Connecting to Puentecitos
During the autumn we will  introduce you to the families that we are connecting with in Puentecitos and we’ll build up a display in the narthex . Today we’ll meet Maria de la Paz – Pazita as she’s known by family and friends.

Many young people from our community will be starting university these weeks. Like them Pazita has dreams and hopes. She has been working very hard for one shot at success – competing for a scholarship against
98 other students for a place in the Jesuit University. Her family struggles to pay for basics like electricity and medicine so university fees are out of the question. 

At 4.30am every Saturday she caught a bus to university in San Salvador
to revise for the entrance exams. A few months before she was due to take her entrance exams, she was hurt in a road accident and had to miss five weeks’ of classes. Pazita didn’t get the grades she needed to be offered
a place in the Jesuit university.  But then an unexpected chance came for another scholarship offered by the Guaymango municipal government.  (Thankfully the new government in El Salvador seems more focused on addressing the needs of the poorest communities)  
Pazita applied for the scholarship and this time she was successful.  
Now she is on a five year course, studying for a law degree.  This is what she said:  “When you want something, you look for the opportunity, and
this opportunity came along.  I hope to work with the people who are in most need.  Working as a lawyer isn’t just about defending cases. It’s
much broader than that.  It’s about justice.”

Pazita’s mum, Norma Eliza, said, “I am happy that my daughter is
studying and grateful to God.  Many young people like her haven’t had
the chance.
(Look out for Pazita’s photo in the Narthex)

group photo