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New Items for Sixth Sunday of Easter - Year A
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In Remembrance
Please pray for the repose of the souls of:Edna Houghton,Fr.Eugene Murtagh, John Micallef, Mary Gilraine, Philip Daly, Henry Lacey, Margaret Goodwin, Norah Jackson, Brian Fisher,Bernard Luty, Herbert Clifford, Christine O’Sullivan, Ellis Jeffrey, Jessie Connolly, Elizabeth Needham, Norah Green, Sue Sandbach, James Michael Cooke,Audrey Smith, Mgr. James Lahart, Stanley Gordon Bennett,Patricia Wales, Fr. David Parker OSB, Nora Beanland,Catherine Whitehead, James Bernard Thornber, Kate Morgan,Frank Wood, Vera Jackson, John Hopkins, Jack Beanland,William Bottomley, Joseph Robertshaw, Gerard Owen Coyne,John Reading, Albert Ingham, Peter Brennan, Mary Carrigan,Ada Jerstice, Rosa Maria Howells and Gordon Carrack.May they rest in peace and rise in glory.
Coronavirus: Bishop Marcus has now confirmed that Public Masses are suspended until further notice.  Bulletins, prayer sheets, copies of the Wednesday Word as well as Look and Ichthus sheets for children are all available to collect from outside the main church doors.  Please also see the Catholic Care Community Response sheet on the main church door and website if you need help.  Please keep looking at the St Benedict’s website which will be updated as more information is received:
Masses Received:Jean Dinsdale, Alice MacKay, Clair Ward (LD), Janet Webster (LD).

Children’s Liturgy and Prayers: I will endeavour to update Ichthus and Look on the website also. Further, there is a children’s version of the Wednesday Word. Follow the link for the school edition.

Prayers for Children and Children’s Liturgy
- Icthus
(2 pages)
- Look
- Wednesday Word (children)

Please use the following link for the CAFOD resource for children

Click on the words above to access these resources

Chrism Mass at the Cathedral
  • First Holy Communion
  • Current year 5 preparation for Confirmation due to start in June.

Leeds Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2020: 3-9 July, has been postponed until 2021.St Benedict’s Pilgrimage to Lourdes: 3-9 July is postponed until July 2021. Please speak to Chris and Catherine Simpson directly with any concerns about your deposits.

Wednesday  Word is available to pick up outside the main church doors.Electronic version available on this link.

If anyone would like to come and help cut the grass around the St Benedict’s site, help would be appreciated. It is pleasant hour with lots of boys toys to play with.

CAFOD are appealing for help with COVID-19 in parts of the world where there is little or no health support or government organisation. Please do go on their website if you would like to donate. Please do not leave any CAFOD monies at St Benedict’s as they will not be processed from this office. Go direct to the CAFOD website. Additionally, if you would like to sign a petition to lobby the government to write-off third world debt in the wake of the COVID-19, please also see the website.
Journey Into Faith: Do you know of anyone who has expressed an interest in becoming a Catholic or has been showing an interest, asking questions etc? Please contact the presbytery for more details.
Leeds Irish Health & Homes: They are offering to Irish born or Irish heritage a support service which includes doorstep visits, and packages of Irish foods such as Barry’s Tea and Kimberley’s Biscuits (totally O’Yum). or 0113 2625614 Mob:  07395793916
Leeds City Council are offering chances for volunteers to help people who are stuck at home. Tel 0113 3781877.
Prayer Cards for the sick and Housebound: if anyone would like to create a prayer card so that I can deliver to our most vulnerable people, please do drop them in through the letterbox. It has an instant impact on the person and brightens their day.
Thank you to Evie C. who designed prayer cards for the sick and housebound this week along with another contribution from Mary C which I delivered along with the bulletin and Wednesday Word. Great effort by the Faith In Action children. If your child would like to design a prayer card and have about 20 copies, please contact me.

Dear Parishioners,

Pentecost is here. It is the third highest religious day in our calendar behind Christmas and Easter. On this day we celebrate that the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus, came to all the Apostles and Our Lady, Mary, of course. From this day, the Christian Church was born. The Holy Spirit’s presence is also our inheritance as Christians. It is to this Holy Power that our Catholic Church lives, moves and has its being.

The Holy Spirit was promised by Jesus after he Ascended to heaven, to replace him so that Jesus could continue to guide this new, fledgling Church. Only the Holy Spirit would be closer to them,as the Spirit’s presence would be in their hearts – in the very core of their being. The Apostles therefore knew it was the Spirit of Jesus with them because they recognised him by the way Jesus was with them in life: they knew his presence. So, on that day, tongues of fire rested upon them and they were filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus had asked them to continue the work he had begun, in Israel and to the whole world. Throughout the Easter Season, we have been following in the readings of the Mass, the Acts of the Apostles. The Acts of the Apostles are the accounts of how the Apostles spread the ‘Good News’ about Jesus Christ to the world. It also tells of how the Church grew and many new members became very passionate to act for Jesus. You can read the Acts of the Apostles in the bible. It was written St Luke to continue with the story of the Church after Jesus went to heaven. We discover with a kind of bird’s eye view how they progressed in their evangelising, teaching and actions in order to build the Church.

Our Church history is very important to us. For it tells us of our past and reconfirms our present time and our future. We love to hear stories. As human beings, narratology or story-telling, is part of our everyday life. To connect with our faith and our church history is a very real experience of faith. It helps us to see that our faith is a living thing; that God is a living being and not some distant myth or legend. I remember in 2009 being sat in the beautiful medieval cathedral in Lyon, Spain and being in awe of this place where Christians had gathered together to pray and worship God for millennia. As I prayed, I felt that I was part of the church building; part of the living history of the church. This is because the Holy Spirit lives in our history and our future. Jesus promised, as he Ascended: I will be with you, to the end of time’. This is God’s promise in his covenant to us.

The Early Church, those early disciples and followers, did not have a church building to meet in. The prayed in small groups in their own homes. They were a persecuted church also. They had to be careful about how they gathered. They had secret signals so that they could identify each other in public. They used a staff or stick to draw an image of a fish in the ground. The fish of course is heard about in a few of the stories told about Jesus. Remember the Feeding of the 5,000: five loaves and two fish; remember the call of the first disciples who were fishermen and how they pulled in a haul of fish so large that it burst their nets. So the fish sign was a way of knowing who was a Christian. You sometimes see the fish sign as a bumper sticker on cars. This was much earlier than the sign of the cross.

I know that some of you are struggling with your faith at the moment: struggling to pray, struggling trying to make sense of this pandemic in faith terms. If you cannot pray for yourself at the moment, then pray for others instead. Offer up to the Lord, all that is in your heart. Ask Mary the Mother of Jesus to support you in your struggles. Believe me, she always helps.

Chicken news! The extension to their house has begun. They didn’t need planning permission from the council. Mary and Bernadette each laid an egg today which we were able to give to a couple of parishioners who dropped in as they walked by. I think we continue to have a stream of parishioners coming by, the Holy Spirit will have to perform a miracle of the eggs!

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass has been removed for the time being. Further, Easter Duties are also dispensed for 2020 as decreed by the Holy See.

Other Sacraments, Masses and services:
Confessions – see below
Sacrament of the Sick- in danger of death – call the presbytery
Baptisms – in danger of death – call the presbytery
Funerals- special arrangement
Weddings – special arrangement

Sacrament of Confession at this time: it is practically impossible at this time to hear confessions due to the restrictions. They are not valid by telephone or internet either. As a priest this makes me most uncomfortable especially in these days.. Please do call me for advice.

Plenary Indulgence granted: The Holy See has granted a plenary Indulgence to all who suffer from the coronavirus, to healthcare workers, family members and caregivers. An Indulgence is also granted to those who are close to death and do not have access to the grace of the sacraments who are duly disposed and are regularly prayerful. The Indulgence is granted by: praying the Creed, the Our Father, a prayer to Our Lady if you do not have access to Mass through the media, praying the rosary or the Stations of the Cross. A Partial Indulgence is granted to those who actively pray for the end of the virus, who pray for others during it, and for those who have died and all who are sick.

Jargon Busting – an Indulgence is the grace given to remove the punishment that is incurred as a consequence of our own sin which has been forgiven in the sacrament of confession.  A Plenary Indulgence removes all punishment caused by sin.
Parish Giving
If you would like to bring any spare food or other items to church for the benefit of others, I will gladly distribute it locally to NET and also for the use of the SVP.Further if you would like me to collect from your door, please call the presbytery with details. Further to this, the SVP Centre on Leeds Road are doing a takeaway food service at breakfast and lunch. They are in need of fresh produce daily. Many thanks for your generous giving, please do keep the donations coming.
Minister of Holy Communion: Please check in with your sick and housebound by telephone or media.
Bulletin Delivery Service: Please let me know and I will drop one in your letter box.
If you would like to bring any spare food or other items to church for the benefit of others, I will gladly distribute it locally to NET and also for the use of the SVP.Further if you would like me to collect from your door, please call the presbytery with details. Further to this, the SVP Centre on Leeds Road are doing a takeaway food service at breakfast and lunch. They are in need of fresh produce daily.
Online Giving - is now up and running for all parishes and accessible through the Diocesan website at  The Online Parish Offertory yellow box allows you to select St Benedict’s Parish from a list.   Despite the difficult personal circumstances for some individuals, some parishioners have still been asking how they can continue to donate to the parish.  Under the ‘Support Your Parish’ section of the Diocesan website we have put together some resources to help you that have been designed to be particularly adapted at this time.There is information about setting up Standing Orders.  There is also a Gift Aid Declaration which can be submitted online.  A QR code of the online giving facility can also be made available and we will shortly be able to confirm details of how donations can be made by telephone.
If you would like to make an electronic funds transfer to St Benedict’s, our account details are: 402715-01208853
The new Parish Health and Safety Officer is Kevin Joseph.  If you have any questions regarding parish H&S matters please speak with Kevin.
St George’s Crypt: Would you like to volunteer at St George’s Crypt, the centre for the homeless? Tel 0113 245 9061 or email
House blessings: if you would like Fr Phillip to come and bless your house, he would be delighted to perform this in your home.
Dayspring Counselling: a local counselling service offered by Dayspring Church where practitioners work according to the Association of Christian Counsellors Code of Ethics and Practice. £45 per session.  Concessions available.  Contact 0113 287 5055 / / 26a Main Street, Garforth, LS25 1AA.
If you know of anyone who would like to be added to the left hand page section of the bulletin titled ‘Please Pray For’, please speak with Fr Phillip.
If Fr Phillip is absent from the parish and you need a priest please contact the Dean of East Leeds, St Theresa’s, Crossgates, Fr Pat Wall, 0113 264 5260.
The Parish Centre Hall, Lounge and Bar are available to hire for weekend events/parties (except 18th and 21st birthdays).  The venue has a license to sell alcohol.  Booking enquiries – 07514 053 325
Becoming a Catholic: If you know someone who has expressed an interest in becoming a catholic, please contact Fr Phillip directly.
New email address: Fr Phillip has a new Diocesan email address. Please use the new email address from now
Catholic Care Community Counselling Service: A free and confidential service for people with mental health issues. Operating from three discrete locations in the Leeds area, ensuring the upmost confidentiality for clients. Contact 0113 388 5406 or email
Online resources for the deepening of faith and knowledge of the Church:
1, – Bishop Robert Barren – Proclaiming Christ in the Culture. All kinds of reflections on the Gospels and dogma based on our living in the world: homilies, DVDs, downloads, blogs on all kinds of topics relating to the Catholic Church and beyond.
2, - If you are new to using Catholic apps, let’s start with the basics. Begin by downloading a Swiss Army-type app that comes loaded with many useful Catholic apps and special features all in one package. There are a few to choose from based on your type of device and platform. After you choose one of those “essential” all-in-one Catholic apps.  
Wednesday Word is a way of reflecting on the Sunday readings to deepen our understanding of the Sacred Word. Also known as Lectio Divina. Copies can be found at the back of church.
If you or a relative are taken into hospital, please ensure that you register as Roman Catholic with the nursing staff, to enable a visit from the hospital chaplaincy team.
Mission Magazines: People who bring red boxes to church for emptying, please collect your magazine from the Narthex. 
If you would like a Mass intention to be remembered on a specific date – please kindly give at least 2 weeks’ notice to facilitate this. Thank you.
Hospital Chaplain Details:
LGI and Chapel Allerton: Canon Chris Irving
Tel: 0113 392 2914 or email: 
Wharfedale, St James’ or Seacroft:
Fr Ben Griffiths Tel:  0113 206 4664 or email:
St Gemma’s Hospice:
If you or a relative are in hospital please ask the ward staff to contact the chaplain for you or use the details above.